A Better Cinema Experience

Movie theaters have high dwell times, and studies have found that moviegoers are more likely to embrace advertising in the theater than on the Internet or TV.
Theater managers are taking advantage of the high dwell times by using movie theater digital signage to create opportunities for engaging interactions and improved communication.
Cinema digital signage is being used to:

  • Display an automated playlist of HD movie posters with showtimes, ratings and video trailers (Digital Box Office Display Solution).
  • Promote the concession stand, loyalty programs, advanced screenings, theater events, etc.
  • Used as a digital menu board for the concession stand.
  • Entertain customers waiting in line to reduce perceived wait times.
  • For wayfinding to give directions for auditoriums, restrooms, etc.
  • Display important alerts and emergency information during an emergency.
  • Display movie theater announcements, job offers, etc.
  • Display weather and traffic on displays near the exit.
Shaping Digital Experiences

Movie theater managers see digital signage as a way to enable smart visual communications in their theater lobbies and hallways, It’s deepening interactions with guests, enhancing the movie going experience and increasing revenues for the theater.
These benefits are making an increasing number of movie theaters make the transition from static to digital.

  • Improved efficiency by reducing the amount of time and effort required to generate and deploy movie posters.
  • Turns lobbies and hallways into highly engaging movie showcases with highly consumable content.
  • Movie-related content can be mixed with relevant branding/marketing messages e.g. concession stand promos, ticket sales, advanced screenings, etc.
  • Improved responsiveness: the digital box office displays can be updated instantaneously to show the most relevant posters or marketing messages.
  • Reduce operating costs by eliminating the consumption of paper and printer supplies.
  • Entertainment venues (e.g. comedy clubs, jazz clubs): post information on upcoming events and artist bios on the digital information boards.
Smart Visual Communications

Robust Platform for Promoting, Informing, and Entertaining