Maximize Signage Potential

Hotels are a transition point for visitors, which makes the customers a ready and willing audience for information about the hotel itself and the locale.
Rather than being obtrusive, digital signage in hotels makes the delivery of this messaging engaging and fun.
It also adds visual appeal and modernizes hotel lobbies, restaurants and hallways, and contributes to an upscale ambiance. This is important in the hospitality industry where décor is a top consideration.
Digital signage for hospitality can also:

  • Be a platform for feedback and reviews by displaying social media for hotels.
  • Improve visitor familiarity with hotel premises and local neighborhoods by acting as a wayfinding tool.
  • Highlight luxury amenities such as top-level suites, spa facilities etc.
  • Display automated event calendars for hotels with meeting and conference centers.
  • Help guests get around by displaying transit info including Uber and etc...
Digital Signage for Hospitality

Leverage High Dwell Times to Engage Guests.
In an increasingly digitized marketplace, the digital customer experience has become a top priority for hoteliers. They are increasing the visibility of hotel digital signage and making these hospitality signs the cornerstone of a visual campaign that starts the moment the guest enters the lobby.

Small Costs, Big Benefits

Digital signs can be put to work anywhere – in dining areas, lobbies, front desk, outside elevators, and even in personal rooms.
Digital signage for hospitality can:

  • Welcome groups with personalized messages.
  • Share live flight information, live weather, traffic, exchange rates and social media for hotels.
  • Display answers to your guests most common questions and free up staff to attend to more pressing needs.
  • Be used by convention centers to keep constantly changing conference and expo information up to date and accurate.
Profit Centers for your Establishment

Screens in the Dining area, Lobby, Front Desk