Improve Member Retention

Entertain members as they’re working out, while also displaying an ever-changing stream of live and relevant information, this keeps gym members engaged and improves member retention, It’s a great visual vehicle for gyms and fitness clubs to present relevant content over the noise of a gym full of physically active people and loud equipment.
Gyms and fitness and rec centers with digital signage solutions can:

  • Promote gym services e.g. Pilates or Spin classes
  • Showcase health and well-being tips.
  • Promote club offers or loyalty programs.
  • Reinforce gym safety rules.
  • Stream instructional and training videos.
Shaping Digital Experiences

With everyone becoming more health-conscious and particular about their appearance, the number of gym members is increasing exponentially worldwide. Our solutions have enhanced member experience, improved the efficiency of communications with members and visitors, and provided fitness centers with a new kind of branding that is hot, trending and eye-catching.

Gyms Entertain and Inform

Entertain Gym Members and Promote Healthy Living.
An arbiter study found that 70% of health club members watch nearly 40 minutes of programming per visit.
Instead of watching cable TV shows, fitness center patrons could be watching 40 minutes of information that facility managers want to promote.
Information to be displayed on digital signage for gyms can include:

  • Post the schedules for the fitness classes.
  • Promotional ads for juice and snack bars using a gym digital signage menu board.
  • Display vendor ads to earn advertising subsidies.
  • Highlight local customer success stories for motivation.
Enhance Active Lifestyle Experience

Promote Events and Special Offers