Connecting With Digital Natives

Engaging students, faculty, and staff in education campuses is important in order to build a connected and safe community, a lot of the students are digital natives and respond well to technology. This makes digital signage for education a great tool for informing and educating students, as well as keeping them safe by sharing emergency alerts.
Digital signage is intrusive and draws eyeballs, enabling school administrators to:

  • Post school announcements and update them on the fly from the cloud-based software.
  • Override normal content to share emergency messaging and instructions on what to do.
  • Post automated event listings to drive attendance to school events.
  • Offer navigational assistance by displaying building directories and school wayfinding maps.
  • Promote healthy meals and display nutritional information on the cafeteria digital menu boards.
  • Display infotainment e.g. a March Madness scoreboard, social media to keep students engaged.
Improving Campus-wide Communication

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Digital signage for education provides a critical link between campus administrators and the student body and faculty.
It bridges the gap between digital natives (students) and digital immigrants (staff and faculty) and helps administrators communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Engaging Communication

The advantages of using digital signage in schools are numerous, and for maximum effect, the displays are being primarily deployed in common areas such as hallways, cafeterias, student lounges, libraries, and lobbies.
K-12 digital signage and digital signs in college and university campuses are being used to:

  • Facilitate learning inside classrooms by broadcasting educational programs or remote lectures.
  • Highlight student and staff achievements as well as showcase donor contributions.
  • Drive additional revenue by promoting the bookstore, cafĂ© or other campus shop offerings.
  • The technology is a modern communication solution that saves schools time and money while ensuring important messages reach the audiences they are intended for.
Educate & Engage Inquiring Minds

Interact with Students in Real Time & Keep Up with Trends