Healthy Communications

Healthcare digital signage is driving significant improvements in patient care, staff management, and inventory management.
It ensures patients and staff are receiving accurate information when and where they need it most, the immediacy, relevance, and specificity of digital signage make it a high-ROI communication tool for healthcare facilities.
Hospitals and medical offices that prioritize patient satisfaction and cost savings are using healthcare digital signage for:

  • The Brand Experience Solution – promote services, events, and values to improve brand awareness and revenue
  • Keep employees empowered, updated and engaged by displaying new policies, performance info etc
  • Offer interactive wayfinding maps and directories
  • Display health and wellness tips to improve patient well-being and local transit to improve their experience
Dynamic and Engaging Communication

Reinforce patient confidence in their healthcare choice.
A typical healthcare digital signage network will have multiple screens located in lobbies, waiting areas, cafeterias, hallways, staff rooms and patient rooms. These screens are targeting different audiences with different messages – health tips in the waiting areas, visiting hours in the lobby, menus in the cafeteria, new treatments in the staff rooms.

Broad Applicability

With our solutions, you can target specific groups and show them content that interests them most at the time and place they need it the most.
Healthcare facilities can use our solutions to build digital signage networks with:

  • Building directories to guide patients and visitors through the hospital campus and ease frustrations
  • Digital donor walls to recognize and express gratitude to donors and financial contributors and encourage giving
  • Employee communication to train staff, display company & industry updates, show performance metrics & hospital goals, display Uber Health / Lyft Concierge etc.
  • Digital menu boards in the cafeteria
  • Digital signage doubles as an emergency response tool by overriding content and displaying emergency alerts and safety instructions
Building Connected Facilities

Lobbies, Waiting areas, Cafeterias, Patient rooms